Asian Double Eyelid Surgery-Is This Procedure For Me?

Double eyelids are used to describe Asian-style eyelids that have a fold in the upper eyelid just above eyelashes, with an open eyelid platform. Eyelids vary widely and there is not a single eyelid that has a folded double eyelid. This fold is caused by the crease that runs along the edge of the eyelid. This fold is an attachment that has been defined between the skin of the eyelid and the tendon responsible for raising the upper eyelid. Double folds create definition for the upper lid and are generally regarded as desirable by men and women. Women can use the platform to protect their eyelids and apply makeup.

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The double-eyelid procedure isn’t about “westernizing” the eyes as is commonly believed. Asians have both a double-eyelid or no eyelid. People who do not have double eyelids may wish to get one. However, they are afraid that they would have to “westernize’ their look. Although this used to be the way the surgery was described, it is no longer accurate. However, the description can sometimes appear in articles written by people who do not fully understand the reason for the surgery. In order to give the eyelids a natural-looking appearance, double fold surgery creates a defined fold on top. It is done by creating a low fold and removing just a little skin while maintaining the natural eye appearance. Some practitioners make a crease that is too deep and remove too much skin. These types of poor-designed surgery can damage the look. You should only go to an experienced eyelid specialist who understands the process and has mastered it. This is to preserve the natural eyelid shape while enhancing eyelid definition according to what you wish your eyes look like.

Create a Doublefold

Double folds can be created in two ways. The Asians use temporary stitches that create a double fold. Threads will always break down, making them not the most permanent option. Double eyelid surgery involves the removal of some eyelid tissue at the platform to define a defined eyelid crease. In order to achieve the desired result, it is important to keep the Asian characteristics of the upper lid while also adding a fold to the upper eyelid.

Local anesthesia can be used to perform many of these operations. The recovery period is approximately 10 days. This includes the most visible swelling, as well as all of the bruising. The majority of the stitches are removed within a week. Three tiny stitches remain in place at the crease to make it permanent. About 10 days following surgery, most people are unaware that surgery was performed.

What If my eyes are too small?

A person’s eye size can usually be measured by how visible the white part of the eye, or sclera. The appearance of small eyes can be caused by upper eyelid ptosis or “droopy”, lids or deep-set eyes. Your surgical treatment will be different depending on your specific condition. Often, double eyelid surgeries make eyes seem larger. They do this by adding definition. Flexible approaches that rely on careful examinations and options weighing are always the most effective. Surgery for small-sized eyes is not a standard procedure or surgery. It must be customized to fit the patient’s needs.

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