Essential Improvements for Your Bathroom 

It is true that a renovated bathroom will surely add value to your home as well as it can transform your bathroom and makes it better adapted to your current needs. To introduce improvements that will help you and your family for the years to come, renovations are needed. 


You can consider making one or several of these essential changes to enhance the storage, functionality, and comfort of your bathroom if you are spending money for a bathroom remodel this year. Well, you can contact professionals from the best bathroom remodel in Irvine and ask for assistance. 

    Hidden Flank Toilet 

It is advisable that you use a hidden tank toilet if you are to replace the toilet in your bathroom remodel. Every time you flush, you can save water. Using hidden tank toilets also save precious space.  After the remodel, this is a smart choice that increases the value of your home. They fit especially well in modern and contemporary decors. 

    Small Textured Tiles 

During your bathroom remodel, you will have tons of walls, flooring, and tile choices to make. It is a good idea to choose a small and textured shower tile. Once the floor gets wet and soapy, the texture, as well as the extra grouting, will keep your feet from slipping. Most modern tiles resist mold, humidity, stains, and are easy to clean. 

Tiles offer you various décor and style possibilities. For maximum visual impact, match and mix different colors and patterns.  For a harmonious look, you can do something understated. 

    2-inch Plumbing 

In the functionality of your room, this small and invisible improvement will make a great difference. 1.5 inches is the typical bathroom plumbing, however, this type of plumbing clogs easily especially when there are several family members use the shower. Installing a 2-inch drain will surely improve the quality of drainage in your bathroom. 


Just because they feel that it is necessary, too many people add a tub to their bathroom. You must consider how you will use the room for the next few years even though the remodel might help sell your home. You must add a tub if you love baths. It is better to get a large shower if you take something five baths a year. 

You can get both without worrying too much about the space if you have a large bathroom. You must always go with what is the most functional for you at this time if you have to choose and the bath is not always the most functional choice. 


The humidity that stays trapped in the space because of bad or insufficient ventilation is one of the biggest enemies of a clean bathroom.  The best ventilation will always be natural ventilation even though a good bathroom fan will make a big difference. 

To help keep your bathroom clean and free of mildew and mold, it is a good idea to add a window in your shower. Especially if you leave the bathroom door open after using it, the natural ventilation is effective. It is necessary that you discuss things thoroughly with your architect or contractor.